Bizbitz Brickz

Goods terminal, CFS & Warehousing – WMS

Bizbitz Brickz offers a Terminal Module designed to empower your logistics terminal business. It provides solutions for inbound and outbound orders, as well as comprehensive warehouse management, including inventory, container handling, goods tracking, labeling, order picking, price calculations, billing, and more.

As a complement to Brickz Terminal Module, we offer Handheld, the mobile solution that effortlessly connects your office and warehouse. With Handheld, your teams can easily manage tasks like checking in and labeling goods, warehouse placement and container loading/unloading, all at their fingertips. Experience real-time connectivity and seamless data synchronization between your warehouse and office.

Just like with Bizbitz Brickz TMS, we prioritize innovation through client collaboration, ensuring regular updates to stay ahead in logistics technology. Our commitment to flexibility allows you to effortlessly configure the system, tailoring it to your unique requirements and simplifying operations for your warehouse, 3PL, CFS, consolidation, or similar business.

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