IT consulting

We understand that for many businesses, IT is not their primary focus. Attempting to tackle all IT challenges internally can be both costly and distracting, potentially taking away valuable resources from your core business. That’s where knowledgeable IT consulting firms like Bizbitz Technologies come in. We have over 25 years of proven expertise in IT implementations and offers invaluable experience to companies, whether they are investing in a new logistics system or optimizing an existing one. In fact, approximately 30% of our clients use systems developed by others, where we’ve successfully integrated missing functionalities.

We know how important every part of your organization is. To keep your project aligned with your goals and on track, we pinpoint superusers and set clear project parameters. Bizbitz will guide you in deconstructing projects into smaller, manageable pieces and ensuring the project is integrated across all relevant parts of your company, all while still being in control of the bigger picture.

No More Budget Surprises

Most projects, whether from the vendor or buyer’s side, tend to be underestimated and under-budgeted. Bizbitz, on the other hand, conducts a detailed analysis of the project’s scope, providing you with a realistic timeline and cost estimate upfront. You can rest assured that the final invoice aligns with our initial estimate. No surprises when receiving the invoice.

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