Bizbitz Brickz

Freight Forwarding & Consolidations – TMS

In the complex world of logistics, efficient transportation management is key. At Bizbitz Technologies, we understand the details involved in the forwarding and consolidation processes. Clients trust you with their import and export operations, and you bear the responsibility of meeting their expectations regarding cost-efficiency, timeliness, and the safe handling of their cargo.

That’s where our flagship product, Bizbitz Brickz TMS, comes into play. Brickz is a comprehensive and adaptable system designed to handle import, export and inland operations across various transportation modes, including ocean, air, rail and road. Our commitment to continuous development means that Brickz is updated with new functionalities regularly, ensuring it remains at the forefront of logistics technology.

One of Brickz’s standout features is automation. It streamlines various aspects of logistics management, including pricing, invoicing, emails, EDI integration, and document generation. This automation allows your team to focus on strategic business development instead of administrative tasks.

Brickz is highly configurable to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you’re managing different types of freight or dealing with unique logistics challenges, Brickz can be tailored to your requirements.

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