About Bizbitz

Bizbitz Technologies is a Gothenburg based IT-software company founded in 2011 by two entrepreneurs with a vision to change the way people relate to, work in and make use of their logistics software systems.

After numerous times experiencing the effects of bad purchasing processes, lack of full IT-visions and strategies and no or little reuse of existing data, we saw the opportunity to make a real difference in the way companies relate to and use their IT-systems.

We have vast experience in Air/Sea/Rail/Road/Terminal logistics, Project Handling, EDI, Agreements and Statistics. It is our goal to develop systems, tools and services that strengthens our client’s competitive edge, not the other way around.

Our main product is a TMS by the name of Bizbitz Brickz. The system has modules for freight forwarding, consolidations, and terminal handling (CFS) and efficiently manages consignments across air, sea, rail, road, and terminal operations. Learn more

With or without our state-of-the-art system Bizbitz Brickz, we see the opportunity to make great changes for your business.