Bizbitz Brickz

Client web solutions

The Bizbitz Brickz Client Portal is a web solution that lets our Brickz clients provide their own clients with a user-friendly online platform. It serves as a strong foundation, ready to be used as-is or seamlessly modified to align with your unique needs and vision.

Provide your clients with tools for:

  • Pricing Precision: Calculate prices effortlessly.
  • Effortless Bookings: Streamline the booking process.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Keep clients informed with robust tracking.
  • Document Management: Create and securely share vital documents.
  • Booking Overview: Offer comprehensive booking insights.
  • Analytics: Access data-driven statistics for informed decisions.
  • Emissions Calculations: Access crucial emissions data.

The portal also encourages collaboration with agents and third parties, enhancing the client experience.

If our standard web solution falls short of your specific requirements, we are ready to craft a custom solution tailored precisely to your vision.

Contact us today to explore how Bizbitz Brickz Client Portal can empower your logistics operations.