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Bizbitz offers a wide range of services for any company within the logistics sector. From building the smallest applications to full IT strategy handling on a company level, we are at your service. Please click any link below to aquire more details of what we do. For more info, feel free to check out our Customers Page.

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    IBM survey facts:

    Only 40% of IT-projects met schedule, budget and quality goals

    Biggest barriers are people factors:
    -Changing attitudes – 58%
    -Corporate culture – 49%
    -Lacking management support – 32%

    Underestimation of complexity listed as a factor in 35% of projects

    For source data, read:
    Making change work

    Investing in a new IT-system is one of the biggest decisions your company faces. The solution you choose will stay with you for many years to come. It is therefore of most importance to take the procurement very serious and never shoot in the dark or trust in your neighbors choices. The reasons for outsourcing this process are many, below we bring up a few


    With over 15 years of IT implementations behind us, Bizbitz stands to offer our vast experience for all companies in process to invest in a new IT system.

    Project Management

    Bizbitz will help you to anchor the project in all concerned parts of the company by identifying superusers, establishing project parameters and breaking down projects into smaller more understandable pieces, yet still being in control of the bigger picture.

    Independent actor, always on your side

    Bizbitz is an independent actor, which means we have no hidden agenda as to what system we recommend. We know most actors on the market and will base our recommendations on your needs, budget and timelines without pressure from internal organization to sell our own products.

    Keeping it real....

    Most projects are underestimated and under budgeted from both vendor and buyer. Bizbitz will help you analyze vendor’s timelines and budgets and give a more realistic view on the “when, what and how much” thus limiting the surprise factor.

    Bizbitz - makes SOLUTIONS better

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    Our demands change over time. What was important two years ago is less important now. The world changes and in order to keep our competitive edge we must be able to change with it. Does this mean that you have to invest in a new IT-system every other year. No, but you do need to be able to adjust to the circumstances around you.

    EDI, Reports, Document Handling and Agreements are just a few areas where Bizbitz can help you adjust and keep you flexible to your customer’s needs.

    Think small...

    Do not sail too far before adjusting the course. Small corrections in one’s course are way better than one big correction in the end. Small corrections means that you are always on track, you are flexible to change and quick to react. Those factors mean business. Waiting could mean severe costs and in worst case scenario you never reach the goal you intended.

    Bizbitz knows logistics and speaks your language. With quick response time we offer small to big solutions to make your boat stay on course.

    Think outside the box…

    Vendors know their products. If you go into a Nike store to buy shoes, you will get the best Nike shoes they can offer. But does that mean that you got the best shoes in the world at the best prize? Probably not! This is what vendors trust in most.

    Bizbitz Customer Specific Solutions are always based on what technique, platform and coding that fits each unique situation best. We will fit the solution to your product, not your product to the solution.

    Bizbitz - makes SOLUTIONS better

  • Tailormade SolutionsOpen or Close

    Do you need a modification or a new application?
    When making modifications, there is always the difficulty of keeping your system “clean” for new releases and updates.

    Don’t overdo it...

    Sometimes the standardized systems just do not cover your unique business demands and the cost of adjusting them are way too high and risky. Offering our experience with a wide range of custom applications, your seemingly impossible task can be built to your specifications and design. This can turn lengthy spread sheets or mindboggling SQL reports into rich, efficient and deep software solutions.

    Bizbitz offers a supplementary service in which we work together with our customers in order to rapidly identify and develop full application tailor-made solutions.

    Bizbitz - makes SOLUTIONS better

  • Agreement HandlingOpen or Close

    In the world of Transport Logistics, rates are subject to change at any time. In a volatile market, new surcharges come and go and rates are changing at sometimes a daily basis it seems. How many hours and days do you spend updating rates and offers in systems that do not communicate with each other and offer no or very little user friendly interfaces.

    More time selling, less time updating...

    Bizbitz has many years experience in transport agreement handling. We understand the difficulty between using customized and standardized offers and the value they both bring. We know and understand how rates are calculated.

    Our NTAWYTB ( Never Type Again What You Typed Before ) focus means that data should only be input once and then reused through the whole order chain, thus saving tremendous amount of time for both operating, economy and sales personal.

    For more info on how we can make your business more efficient, please contact us.

    Bizbitz - makes SOLUTIONS better